Meet the Team



Matthea Rentea, MD 

CEO, Board Certified Internal Medicine & Obesity Medicine Physician

Hi I’m Matthea, the owner and physician here at RMC!  I have been a physician for over 10 years, and though I've worked with a wide variety of patients and conditions, have always found myself drawn to helping my patients achieve their best metabolic health and wellness goals.

A person’s inability to lose weight is often seen as a moral character flaw.  As a physician I know that this stigma would never exist for a patient being treated for something such as asthma.  Yet with weight, the standards are different.  I aim to change that!

When I am not helping patients, I love spending time with my family and finding new ways to improve my own health and wellness!  I enjoy meal prepping and am always trying new foods, and I love to get out and take evening walks with my husband, four year old son, and stepchildren. 

I am here to work with you and approach the topic of metabolic health in a loving, compassionate way, helping you better understand and manage your health, and achieve your best long term results!

Denise Ferguson, RD

Registered Dietitian & Certified Diabetes Educator

I'm Denise, a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator.  I enjoy working in health promotion.  I am married to my husband John, and we have two adult daughters; Kate and Kimberly, and a pampered cat named "Grant".  I love traveling, spending time with my granddaughter Ellie, and volunteering at my local food pantry.

Michelle Schultz, RD

Registered Dietitian 

My name is Michelle, and I’m a Registered Dietitian with over 20 years of experience helping individuals improve their health with nutrition.  My goal is to offer practical strategies to assist those working to better their health through lifestyle behavior changes.  I want to empower individuals with not only a better understanding of nutrition, but how to implement changes in a manner that is sustainable long term.

I’m a busy mom of 3 - ages 18, 17, and 14.  My husband and I own a cattle farm, and to say that keeps us moving would be an understatement.  I love to exercise and spend time in the kitchen.  I’m an avid Illini fan and Cubs fan, and I cherish my family and friends.

Natasha Sullivan, CMA

Certified Medical Assistant

I'm Natasha Sullivan.  I have been a Certified Medical Assistant for 14 years.  I love my job and my patients.  When I'm not working I have 2 teenage children and 3 step children I keep up with.  I'm very passionate about fitness and nutrition so that's a huge part of my life and makes me so thankful to be apart of this team! 

Adrienne Butler

Office Manager

I'm Adrienne, RMC's Office Manager!  I am an organized and creative person, and I love the work I do here at RMC!  I was raised in Alaska, so I enjoy spending a lot of my time outdoors.  My hobbies include traveling, fishing and photography; which I love so much that I started my own photography business.  When I am not in the office, you might find me spending time with my family or playing pickleball with my friends!