Membership Benefits

Monthly Appointments with Dr.Rentea

Schedule monthly virtual appointments with Dr.Rentea who is board certified in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine on a schedule that works for you… from the comfort of your own home.

Monthly Registered Dietitian Appointments

Schedule monthly registered dietician appointments to get help with customized nutrition plans.

Customized Evaluation

Comprehensive initial evaluation to pinpoint physical, mental, and lifestyle factors that are causing or contributing to your weight management struggle. 


Weight related medications will be prescribed and managed as appropriate. This will include evaluating medications from other providers that may impact your weight.

Treatment Planning

You and Dr Rentea will develop a step-by-step plan to help you set and achieve your weight and wellness goals in a sustainable way.

Lab Review

As appropriate, have lab work reviewed and incorporated into your treatment.

Weekly group Q&A and educational call with Dr.Rentea

Access to weekly group Question & Answer and education sessions with Dr Rentea focusing on medical education, non-clinical psychological, and lifestyle aspects of sustainable weight-loss.

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