1: Welcome To The Obesity Guide Podcast!

Feb 25, 2023

Obesity is a chronic lifelong condition, which unfortunately has no cure, although there are many good treatments, medications, surgery, and lifestyle interventions. 

There are millions of ways you can lose weight, but not very many of them are evidence-based or sustainable, meaning you’ll struggle to keep the weight off long term. That’s why looking at people's metabolic health in the long run is crucial to managing this condition.

There is an abundance of misinformation online, with a lot of blaming and shaming of patients, almost as if someone would choose to have this as a problem. Being told to calorie restrict yourself out of obesity or to just exercise more is not the helpful information that’s needed to support individuals suffering with obesity and shows a lack of understanding of basic physiology.

A lot of the people distributing that kind of misinformation online are often not even clinically practicing. They simply don’t have people sat in front of them telling them the reality of this condition. They’re just reading literature and pontificating what it would be like.

If you do believe that obesity is a chronic medical problem and you want to hear from someone who is clinically practicing every day, then the new podcast The Obesity Guide is just for you.

There are massive physiological changes that happen as we try to lose weight. Our body 100% wants to fight us. There are hormones that change dramatically that try to get you to gain the weight back.  That’s why we're going to throw out the old mentality of the calories in, calories out model. We're going to talk a lot more about hunger hormones and we’re going to have some really interesting conversations with the clinically practicing specialists that know and see the impact of obesity every day.

If you’re fed up with the endless speculation and relentless Googling of issues to do with obesity, these open and insightful conversations will bring the clarity that’s needed and help to find the best solutions for you. Obesity is not a one size fits all.  Whilst we will endeavor to give suggestions, provide guidance, and offer some ways of thinking about things, we want to make it absolutely clear that everybody is different and you should feel empowered by that. 

What to expect from the new podcast:

  • New episode release every Monday 
  • Patient driven topics
  • Conversations with specialist medical professionals
  • Medically accurate information
  • Normalizing obesity as a medical problem 

If there are specific topics you’d like to see covered in future podcast episodes, please go ahead and leave them in the comments here.

More about Dr.Rentea

Dr.Rentea is a board certified internal medicine and obesity medicine physician, and the founder of the Rentea Metabolic Clinic. This is a clinic that serves patients in Illinois and Indiana. 

She comes from a background of lots of years of primary care and the reason that she became interested in metabolic health and weight management is from her experiences with patients, where she’d spend a lot of time managing things like high blood pressure and diabetes. However, the root causes of these issues like insulin resistance, weight gain, and stress management, were often left unaddressed. 

Dr.Rentea now aims to help patients better manage this condition through conversations with specialists who are clinically practicing every day. As someone who has had her own weight loss struggles, she understands that there are massive physiological changes that happen as we try to lose weight, and that it is not a moral failing. She wants to bring clarity on those changes and discuss solutions to empower patients living with this condition.