40: Supporting Your Health During the Holiday Season

Nov 20, 2023

The holiday season is a special time spent coming together and caring for each other, but it’s important that in this time of focus on others and stepping out of our routines, that we don’t forget to care for ourselves. There are a lot of ways that you can support yourself this year, and I’ve spent several holiday seasons now deciding what works best for me. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it when you come out on the other side feeling refreshed and empowered, and not sluggish and defeated. 


Here are the three questions I answer for myself during the holidays:


What can I incorporate into my holiday that is part of my normal routine and that helps me to feel great?


The key is choosing habits that are pretty easy to incorporate, and that also make a big impact. Water is a big one that can really help you keep things on track and feeling more in control. If you heard last week's episode, I talked about the things in your routine that are non-negotiable for you to have a productive day. Find a non-negotiable item that you can carry through the holiday season to help keep you grounded and able to handle the changes, knowing you have a fallback in place to help you.


What can I bring to a function that supports my health journey?


This will look different for everyone, but find ways to incorporate or discover supportive foods wherever you end up. At a potluck-style event, for instance, it’s important to consider what you can contribute that will benefit everyone, but it’s also important to bring something to the table that will support you. Find something that adds to the experience at a potluck-style dinner, or make a plan when eating a pre-fixed menu that incorporates both the things you need and the things you love. 


What does my re-entry plan look like?

I recommend spending a good amount of time and effort developing a re-entry plan that reflects what you want. Oftentimes after the holidays we’re left with leftover food and also possibly leftover cravings. Create a plan to get back into your routine that is realistic for you, and allow for some flexibility where it matters to you most. 


Bonus question: How can I create balance for myself through all the changes?


I challenge you to look for ways to create balance within this season. I recommend listening to one of my previous podcast episodes: Balancing Blood Sugar to Curb Cravings, for some helpful tools to help balance your blood sugar while still enjoying what you want to. Longevity is key, so incorporate things that make sense for you and will help you appreciate the holiday experience.


As you are planning and attending various family or community functions, consider what types of things support you and your lifestyle and will allow you to walk out of this season empowered and confident. Success isn’t linear; success is continuing down the path towards your goals. I challenge you to enter into this holiday season equipped with tools to help you succeed.