36: Taking Preventative Measures: Heart Health with Dr. Mohammed Alo

Oct 23, 2023

In all the work that I do within the arena of metabolic healthcare and education, I always stress the importance of taking a comprehensive approach. If our goal is to treat the heart of the issue instead of just remedying symptoms, it’s necessary to be aware of all the different areas that your metabolic health has the potential to affect, and how many organs and physiological processes can suffer from the root cause of poor metabolic health. Your cardiovascular system is one area that is always directly affected by the state of your metabolic health, which is why I decided it was important to bring on an expert in the field; Dr. Mohammed Alo.

 Dr. Alo and I were able to have a very candid conversation on cardiovascular and metabolic health. We discussed the kinds of goals that Dr. Alo sets for his patients as a preventative cardiologist, and the milestones that he looks for that signify cardiological health improvements during weight loss. Dr. Alo and I both see vast improvements in overall health and wellness at around 5% - 15% total body weight reduction in a majority of patients, and many health issues can improve or even be reversed when those levels are reached.

 We also talk a lot about longevity and prevention, and the two things that Dr. Alo recommends above everything to prevent serious health issues down the road and live longer and healthier overall. 


Building Muscle Mass & Aerobic Exercise 

These two exercise branches are proven to benefit metabolic and cardiovascular health long-term, but it’s important to note that Dr. Alo encourages these within the boundaries of what I will call loving self-awareness. We both encourage setting realistic expectations and goals for yourself as you work towards better health; exercise will only bring continued health benefits when consistency and sustainability are present in your routine. 


Scheduling Regular Preventative Checkups

Scheduling appointments with a cardiologist regularly could mean the difference between preventing long-term damage by catching things early, and being forced to seek serious medical care after a problem has already occurred. The best way to stay on top of your cardiological health is to put in the work now to find out where you are at and where you’re headed health-wise.

 Something that Dr. Alo encourages and practices in his personal life is finding a genre of exercise that you enjoy, and creating a lifelong habit out of it. Dr. Alo actively coaches sports, and is also a certified personal trainer. He spends a lot of his time exercising, and has found areas that he enjoys participating in. If you can find an area of exercise that you enjoy doing, that is the easiest way to develop and maintain better cardiovascular and metabolic health for life. 

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 Dr. Mohammed S. Alo

 Board Certified Cardiologist

Certified Personal Trainer

Medical Licenses in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan

Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at Midwestern University

Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at Ohio University

Board Certified Cardiologist

Certified Personal Trainer

Best Selling Author  

Weight Loss Evangelist

Featured on multiple TV shows

Published all across the world


Dr. Alo is a cardiologist based out of northwest Ohio. He is passionate about health and fitness and stays up to date on this topic. He loves teaching his patients and other physicians how to live a healthier and longer life.


Dr. Alo is not only a cardiologist, but he is also a certified personal trainer. He received his certification from the National Association of Sports Medicine. He enjoys lifting weights and body building and has trained many of his friends, kids, and family. It’s a hobby and passion of his.


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