34: Angel’s Metabolic Journey: 4 Small Changes That Inspired Big Results

Oct 09, 2023

Shared experiences truly are powerful things. For anyone reading this, I can almost guarantee that you and I have the shared experience of one day coming to the realization that our metabolism just isn’t what it used to be. We weren’t endowed with the fast metabolism that some others have been genetically gifted, and because of this, we’ve come to the hard realization that it’s just going to take more work for us. 

So you have worked harder, and you’ve struggled with ineffective weight loss tools and then blamed yourself for their inefficacy, and you’ve tried all the terrible, restrictive diets to no avail, and now you’re here. And you want to reverse the effects of your deteriorating metabolic health. Meet Angel. You and Angel share this experience as well. 

I have been working with Angel for several months and her story and triumphs are truly inspiring to me, and I hope they can be for you as well. In this episode, we have the privilege of hearing an inspirational weight loss story firsthand, and all of the many motivational tools and takeaways that have brought Angel the distance she has come.

Angel’s four motivational tools to improve metabolic health

Practice forgiveness and keep moving forward - This can be hard to do if you’re viewing your metabolic health journey lineally. But the key to perseverance towards a healthy metabolism is to give yourself grace and self-love, and know that every day won’t look exactly the same. But success doesn’t mean perfection, and Angel shares that the longevity of her success stems from realistic expectations and not from rigid rules.

Make lifestyle changes that make sense for YOU - Angel is on a GLP 1 medication, and she has found that she normally craves protein to start her mornings. So she took the tool that was already a part of her life and something she wanted to do, and started doing more of it. Pairing the obesity medicine that you're on with realistic options that can be easily incorporated into your current lifestyle can make all the difference when it comes to longevity in your health journey

Drink your water - This isn’t new information, but it is true information. Working your way up to a point where you’re drinking at least the recommended minimum of 64 oz of water a day can make a huge difference in your hunger levels and satiety longevity like it did for Angel.

Find a Board Certified Obesity Medicine Doctor near you - Finding my clinic was a game changer for Angel and her journey. In this interview she expresses a lot of the frustration that she went through trying to get obesity medical care from her primary care physician, and how working with someone who specializes in metabolic health and wellness and is educated about obesity medications made a huge difference for her. (you can click here to visit the American Board of Obesity Medicine’s website, where you can find an obesity medicine doctor that practices in your area.)

Angel’s story and stories like hers can really help us to frame obesity care and GLP 1s in a way that provides hope; which is something that she said she lost along the way, and was able to find again with help and the right tools. I hope that her interview gives you some encouragement on your journey, and I would love to hear your success stories and encouraging thoughts as well. You can email me at [email protected]. Until next time!