33: It’s a Balancing Act: Hormones and Metabolic Health with Melissa Young MD

Oct 02, 2023

It’s fairly common knowledge that hormone imbalances can have a huge impact on metabolic health. With a condition like PCOS that doesn’t currently have a cure, endocrinologists spend all their time treating various side effects, one of the more common side effects being weight gain and inability to lose weight.

Today I have invited on the podcast with me Dr. Melissa Young, a renowned endocrinologist with extensive knowledge and experience in managing hormonal disorders and their profound effects on weight and metabolism. In this educational episode, we work to uncover how hormonal imbalances can impact our weight, some common struggles Dr. Young sees in her patients when treating thyroid issues, and our thoughts and ideas for someone that is dealing with an endocrine disorder.

Many of my patients have PCOS or another endocrine disorder. And one of the things I’m most passionate about, and that Dr. Young and I discuss in this episode, is proper education in the medical field about obesity, perspective and treatment, and proper application of GLP1’s in these scenarios.

When we’re talking about an endocrine disorder as the source of poor metabolic health, it’s so important that we are approaching solutions to these medical conditions and side effects in a way that truly acknowledges them as such. It should be easier for people dealing with these diseases to receive appropriate medical care, and yet so often I see misinformation and a lack of education in medical circles as physicians work with patients to treat these conditions. 

A huge problem that presents itself when a physician isn’t fully informed on the topic is that this can leave the patient feeling at fault or discouraged, and most significantly, without the life-altering treatment that they should be receiving. That’s why I am so glad to have Dr. Young on today to share with me and the audience some amazing tools and strategies to help you navigate the world of endocrinology and how it intersects with metabolic health, whether you’re a physician or a patient. 


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