32: The Road to Achievement and Why you Can’t Walk it Alone

Sep 25, 2023

There is nothing worse than hearing success story after success story of people who have had wild weight loss triumphs after starting GLP-1s or making lifestyle changes, only for you to try the same thing, to no avail. 

The truth is, the number of people who thrive effortlessly on these medications is very small. We have proof that these medications can work really well, but the trouble comes when we take a “one-size-fits-all approach to metabolic health and wellness, and expect the same results across the board. It’s not hard to find success stories online, (the posts where you don’t see the details or backstory, and are only presented with the before and after pictures,) and it’s easy to think that it’s just that simple. But it’s not. 

The reason that coaching and community directly correlates with increased success rates when it comes to improving metabolic health is because everyone’s needs are different. We all have widely varying physiological makeups, and the tools that you need in order to succeed may not be the things advertised to you on the internet as “guaranteed game changers”, or even the routine your friend follows that has brought her wild success. More often than not, you’ll need to work to find what works best for YOU.

Coaching provides you the opportunity to truly take a step back from the mirror, away from social media and all of the “why isn’t this working for me?” thoughts, and hand the reins over to someone who can look at your situation with a fresh eye. Someone that can truly work with you to develop a plan that optimizes your success. Expert coaching works for you in three important ways… 

  • Coaching pulls the blinders off your eyes, and can help you to see yourself and your journey more clearly and honestly. Getting an accurate perspective of your own successes can be really difficult. It takes effort to keep track of wins and losses, and your goals and perspective can shift drastically as you journey down the road towards improved metabolic health. Working with a coach is an easy way to get that outsider’s perspective, and can enable you to notice and celebrate your wins more fully, as well as troubleshoot your tactics to make sure you’re getting the most out of your time and energy. 
  • Coaching challenges a closed mindset and can help you adopt new ideas and strategies. I see this all the time as a physician and coach. It’s so easy when you’re not part of a community to get stuck in a mindset or routine, and either not realize that it’s not serving you, or you’re just not sure how to GET UNSTUCK… Coaching puts you in an environment where you’re sharing your ideas and hearing everyone else’s, and at the same time you’re getting expert advice from someone who knows what works and what doesn't. 
  • You get the support you need to keep going when things get hard. It’s an inevitable part of life; the journey is going to get difficult at some point. We know from experience that the road to something worth having isn’t ​​an easy one. In a coaching group, you’re able to receive support and motivation that enables you to keep working towards your goals, and stay motivated along the way!

I would encourage you to listen to this episode and consider how becoming part of a community or coaching group could really catapult your journey towards improved metabolic health. And if you’re interested in joining a coaching group that includes myself, a group of amazing women on the same metabolic journey that you are, and several other physicians and coaches that are ready to help you, you can CLICK HERE to check out the Blood Sugar Mastermind; my upcoming six week course all about blood sugar management and metabolic health. We are going to dive into some important topics within this course, and I’m ready to share some essential information that’s relevant to EVERYONE on a weight loss journey, not just diabetics or pre-diabetics. I hope to see you there!

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