29: Creating a Healthy Body Image with Judith Gaton

Sep 04, 2023

Have you ever heard the phrase “If you don't love ‘em, let ‘em go”? What would happen if you decided that this is your mantra the next time you walked into the dressing room with an arm full of clothes?

It’s an unfortunate reality that many stores don’t work hard enough to cater to all sizes, which can make shopping a really difficult and sometimes even emotionally taxing process.

Today I’m overjoyed to be welcoming Judith Gaton onto the podcast to talk about confidence and self image at any body size! We discuss how wardrobe can affect your self-image, and she shares with us some amazing tools and strategies that she uses and helps her clients with to develop a wardrobe that they LOVE to LIVE in. 

One of the tools she shares with us is a mindset change that can be so empowering when entering a shopping space; changing your perspective from “let’s see if I fit into these clothes” to “let’s see if these clothes were made to fit me” can be a transformative mentality to adopt. 

Judith also talks about the importance of the “this is where I am at today” mentality, and setting objective, non-fluid goals for yourself and your journey. When you are trying to work towards an arbitrary goal starting from an unrealistic self-image, it can be really hard to celebrate your wins and maintain motivation.

I have personally benefited from Judith’s teachings, and the tools and tactics that she presents in this episode have already had a very positive impact on my perspective and journey. I encourage you to have a listen and examine how you can work further towards your health goals!


Connect with Judith: 

Judith Gaton is a master-certified life coach, personal stylist (and style coach), lawyer, and the founder of The Modern Charm School™, an exclusive online social club for women who are ready to leave their mark on the world. Judith is also the author of the book "How to be a F*cking Lady: A Modern Guide to Being Charming and Fierce AF" and the host of the scintillating podcast "Style Masterclass with Miss J." 

Whether it's through style, commanding more, or creating wealth, Judith guides women through their own personal journeys so they can take their life to the next level.

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