27: Three Types of Action that Get Results

Aug 21, 2023

 When I see people losing weight and keeping it off, it is not an accident. When someone is struggling or having a hard time, those thoughts can start to creep in like ‘Why is my body doing this to me?’ or ‘Why does it have to be hard for me?’.

All of those thoughts are valid but the real focus should be on taking massive action toward our goals. Too often, we all get stuck in a passive action cycle, where we consume massive amounts of information without actually doing anything to help us reach our goals. Today I’m looking at three valuable ways to ensure you’re taking massive action that will move you closer toward the result you want.

  • Prioritize Self-Care Over Weight:

 The first step in achieving sustainable weight loss is to shift the focus from just the number on the scale to overall self-care. It's not about sacrificing or punishing yourself - it's about embracing self-care as a privilege. This means taking massive action to prioritize activities and habits that contribute to your well-being. Passive actions, such as reading books and listening to podcasts, can be informative, but they become truly effective when followed by massive action. Massive action is where you actively incorporate what you've learned into your life.

Identify activities that align with your preferences and start incorporating them into your routine. For instance, create a red, yellow, and green menu of activities—red for those you don't enjoy, yellow for group activities you might be unsure about, and green for activities that you genuinely love. This will help you to tailor your self-care routine based on what brings you joy and fulfillment and will help you stick to it longer term.

  • Be All-In and Stay Committed:

The key to long-term success in weight loss is to commit fully to your journey. Make your self-care non-negotiable and remain clear about your purpose, aka your "why." When it comes to incorporating exercise into your routine, understand that it's not about weight loss but rather about regulating your nervous system and reducing stress. Movement becomes an essential tool for maintaining control over your life, reducing stress, and boosting overall well-being.

To overcome indecision or feelings of overwhelm, employ techniques like the 5-4-3-2-1 countdown by Mel Robbins. When the alarm goes off, instead of contemplating whether to act, count backward from five and take action once you reach one. Establishing non-negotiable habits ensures consistency and paves the way for success.

  • Embrace Challenges and Persist Through Difficulties: 

Sustainable weight loss requires an openness to challenges and discomfort. Accept that change is not always easy and that it might take time for new habits to become second nature. Embrace the notion that every day, you may need to do something hard, but this is where the real growth and transformation happen.

View challenges as stepping stones to progress rather than roadblocks. When faced with obstacles, focus on finding solutions and adapting your approach rather than succumbing to defeat. Remember that the journey will have its ups and downs, but persistence and determination will lead you to lasting results.


When it comes to losing weight and keeping it off, remember that no one else can create the change you seek. It is up to you to be the catalyst for your transformation. Embrace self-care as a privilege, stay committed to your goals, and face challenges head-on. Through these actions, you can achieve sustainable health and become the best version of yourself.